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Cloud-based Softswitch with flexible billing, advanced routing, automatic rate updates, statistics and much more

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Cloud Switch

VoIP switch based on cutting edge cloud technology. High availability. DDoS protection. Up to 1000Mbps guaranteed internet connectivity. 99.99% uptime. Dedicated IPv4 address.

Multiple Switches

You can have as much as you like switches in one account, completely segregated from each other, extremely easy interconnection between them.

Flexible Billing

Automated invoicing, additional tax and discounts, statement of accounts

Multiple Currency

Support in various currencies in billing, invoicing and routing rules.

Advanced Routing

Least-Cost and Force routing, multiple routing rules, routing based on quality analysis (ACD, ASR, NER and MOS), scheduled rules, priority and randomization in routing decisions.

Routing Rule Tester

Test your routing rules logic, based on customer interconnection and destination number.

Bulk Rates Updates

Download current rates file and update rates from the file.

Automatic Rate Accept and Update

Automatically update your customer rate when your provider rate is changed and matches your criteria. Automatically accept updated provider rates in a predefined price range.

Statistics & Reports

Reliable statistics based on ACD, ASR, NER, Revenue, Total Minutes, Successful and Unsuccessful calls, Response Codes and more. CDR Export.

Simple Interface Management

User-friendly interface for easy management of your VoIP business.

Easy Interconnections

Smart interconnections with a single key exchange between customers in our platform. Simple interconnections with external companies. Fast gateway integration.

Branded Email Notifications

Outgoing emails will be branded with your company information.

Choose Our Pricing Plans

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per month
  • Concurrent Calls 10

  • Initial Calls Per Second 10

  • 250Mbps guaranteed internet connectivity

  • DDoS Protection

  • Upgradable

  • Up to 50
    customers and providers

  • 24x7 Email Support



per month
  • Concurrent Calls 50

  • Initial Calls Per Second 50

  • 500Mbps guaranteed internet connectivity

  • DDoS Protection

  • Upgradable

  • Unlimited customers and providers

  • 24x7 Support

Sky is the limit

$ per needs

per month
  • Concurrent Calls Unlimited

  • Initial Calls Per Second Unlimited

  • 1000Mbps guaranteed internet connectivity

  • DDoS Protection

  • Flexible

  • Unlimited customers and providers

  • 24x7 Support

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